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    As a major electrical sign manufacturing, installation and service corporation, superGraphics incorporates the capability to provide complete sign packages throughout the US and Canada. We offer wholesale production benefits and complete project coordination on a regional or national basis. If your business is expanding beyond its current area, not only are we capable of manufacturing all of your sign elements, we work with local architects, property managers and code jurisdictions to ensure the proper signage for each specific location.

Our Solutions

Design Consulting

We understand the dynamics of a successful sign and how to create the most effective display for any environment. Our design team produces some of the most unique, eye-catching displays that will grab the attention of your prospective customers. Our design department can also work with you to create the sign demanded by the professional nature of your business or special project. Let our experts show you what it takes to maximize the impact of your sign, so that you can maximize return.

Project Management

If your needs are greater than a singular sign, let our team create a comprehensive sign program for your business. Addressing the true needs of each individual client and meeting those needs goes far beyond just selling you a sign.


superGraphics has a full service permitting and engineering department. We have the experience and knowledge to move your project through the challenging code research
and permit process.


You can see our trucks around the Puget Sound area installing our products with the same great care that went into making them. Our fleet of pick-up, ladder, bucket and crane trucks travel throughout Western Washington and the Northwest, even extending into Canada. We install all kinds of signs: vinyl graphics, ADA signs, wall mount displays, interior or exterior, monuments, pole signs, electronic message centers and much more. If you have a sign, we can hang it.





superGraphics’ full service production capabilities include all types of metal and plastic fabrication. We take pride in the selection of the materials we use and the level of craftsmanship that has become our standard. Our newly refurbished neon production and repair facility also generates a product that is second to none. Inside our paint department we use only automotive grade polyurethane enamels to ensure the finest and most durable finish. Our custom vinyl and graphics department uses quality 3M adhesive vinyl and professional digital imaging to reproduce your logo or artwork with astounding clarity and precision. Every product we use is U.L. certified and every display that leaves our floor receives the Sign Factory quality control stamp of approval.

Green Technology

superGraphics uses raw materials with the highest post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content in the industry. We incorporate the latest, most energy efficient manufacturing techniques available and use solid state electronics in virtually every electrical sign we build. We have the ability to retrofit older neon channel letter type signs with new energy saving LEDs saving our clients up to 90% in energy costs. Any industrial waste acquired through removal of old products or manufacturing of new signs is disposed of according the most stringent federal and state regulations. Our commitment to environmentally friendly practices sets The Sign Factory apart from the competition.